Code of Ethics

Puga Mujica Asociados S.A. has a Code of Ethics conveyed throughout the Company, as well as to new partners and associates and every time it is updated.

Corporate values are clearly stated therein, along with principles and actions that rule our behavior, in such matters as: interest conflicts, contributions and political activities, confidential and inside information, financial records and control, asset protection, criminal responsibility of companies (Law 20.393), Board of Directors committee, personnel relations, customers, community, Government and public institutions, environment, providers and contractors.

The Code of Ethics is handed to every worker to serve as a professional conduct guide, both internally and externally. Also available on our web site, it is applicable to the whole organization and to all companies working with PUMA S.A. Workers are encouraged to comply with it and enforce compliance, so as to strengthen the ethics culture PUMA has built throughout the years, and that we seek to develop and improve.  For this purpose we have opened a communications channel so workers can solve problems, make suggestions, and report exemplary cases or inform misconducts in the organization.