Main Services

Since 1982 PUMA has managed to carry out Engineering and Construction Projects with the highest quality in the local market.
Conceptual, Basic, Detail and Engineering

Conceptual, Basic, Detail and Engineering

Equipment Procurement

Equipment Procurement

Civil Works

Civil Works

Mechanical Assembly and Piping

Mechanical Assembly and Piping

Electrical Assembly and Instrumental Set-up

Electrical Assembly and Instrumental Set-up

Start-up Support

Start-up Support

Industrial Demolitions

Industrial Demolitions

Maritime Works

Maritime Works

PUMA is a highly responsive Company, that offers concrete solutions

We have the means to face challenges with the necessary flexibility and fast response inherent to the specific dynamics of every project.

Our services in the Industrial Project cycle

EPC Projects

E: Engineering
P: Procurement
C: Construction

Since PUMA started operations we have had the means and ability to undertake EPC projects with an internal engineering staff, which results in a good integration and agility to solve cross-cutting issues when executing industrial projects. At the same time, we have strategic alliances with technological suppliers that turn to be our partners for EPC projects.

Company Group

Within PUMA Group, there are key companies that allow us to respond in an efficient manner to the requirements of the market we participate in. Among them: ELYPSA (Electricidad y Proyectos S.A) providing services of engineering and power electrical installations, control and automatisation. SRI (Sociedad Renovada de Inversiones S.A.) providing support for equipment and site machinery. PORTVS for maritime and port works. MPM S.A. (Mantención y Puesta en Marcha S.A.) mainly aimed to demolitions and maintenance work. ICOFEL (Ingeniería, Comercialización y Fabricaciones Electricas S.A.) manufacture of power boards and electric cabinets.

PUMA´S machinery pool

SRI Company covers 60% of our construction requirements, providing modern and high standard equipment that enables us to work in all national industries. We have a great number of different machinery, but the most relevant are hydraulic AT cranes with capacity up to 220T and equipment such as Jack-up with lifting capacity of 400T for On Shore construction.

Main Industrial Sectors

  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Stockpiles
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Forestry
  • Environmental
  • Food
  • Maritime Works
  • Other Fields

PUMA has worked for the great mining of copper, gold, molybdenum, as well as non-metallic mining such as lime, potassium and lithium.

In recent years PUMA has migrated from its historical clients from the national industry to the field of mining and energy. We can assemble any kind of equipment, storage tanks, construction of treatment plants or other industrial processes.

Generation boilers and back-up engine yards

We have assembled generation boilers using different kinds of fuel. Also EPC for Diesel back-up motor park aiming to generate electrical energy and inject it to SIC.

Stockpiles of different material and different geometries of Encapsulation.

We have constructed storage houses and domes for stockpiling, built using prefabricated structures and reinforced concrete.
Sulfuric Acid

Leaders in Design and Construction of Facilities for Sulfuric Acid Handling and Storage.

Several projects for the construction of tanks according to API regulations. Cargo systems and distribution through loading stations for trucks and trains, and docks capable of unloading acid from liquid bulk ships to 20,000m3 tanks.

Co-generation central station using forestry biomass.

Support to forestry industry with projects of energy co-generation using the waste biomass materials (straw, bark, etc.) burning it in boilers and using the electric energy generated in this process either in the same industry or injecting it to the SIC system.

In line with the environmental improvement measures imposed by Law, we have undertaken projects for Gas Abatement: Particulate Matter and Desulphurization.

We have also participated in seawater desalination plants using primary treatments and reverse osmosis, cleaning of industrial gases, water desalination and treatment plants.

Design and Construction of large Food Processing Plants, with high international health standards.

Dairy products (White and flavored milk, yoghurt, powdered milk and whey, milk sweet cream and butter), juices and fruit/tomato pulp, fish farming and salmon processing plantsfish food and mussel plants, among other.
Maritime Works

Port projects: Docks, Piling, Dredging works, Breakwater Reinforcement, Underwater Outfalls, Adduction Systems.

We have designed and built docks, as well as reinforcement and enlargement of them. This includes maritime work both on pontoon-type floating platforms, or resting on the sea bed with Jack Up. Setting-up of cranes and belts to load/unload cargo from ships.
Other Fields

Innovative projects for the national industry.

We have made different contributions to the country through the different projects we have undertaken, such as: telescopes, gas cleaning, domes, first geothermal plant in Latin America.


We have participated in very specific areas, such as telescopes, demolitions for plant dismantling, assembly of special conveyor belts (Sicon, tubular, for high gradient slope, etc.) Geothermal plant built at high geographical altitude.
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