Organization and Human Resources

Presently PUMA is an extensive experienced Company in the field of Engineering and Construction.
About Us

Board of Directors

From left to right (in the photo): Sergio Cavagnaro Santa María, José Luis Saavedra, Cristián Puga Matte (CEO), Francisca Koljatic Arcos, Francisco Puga Matte (Chairman) y Álvaro Costa Benítez.

Chief Executives

Cristián Puga Matte

Cristián Puga Matte

General Manager

Claudio Moran Ovalle

Claudio Moran Ovalle

Commercial Manager
Max Vallejos O´Shee

Max Vallejos O’Shee

Technical Manager
Luis Enrique Fischer L

Sebastián Moura

Administration and Finance Manager

Ricardo del Campo Carrasco

Ricardo del Campo C.

ICOFEL Manager

Engineering Man-hours Capacity

Through its Engineering Department and its strategic partners, PUMA has developed designs in the field of civil works, structural, mechanical, piping, electricity, instrumental set-up and architecture for a total of 150,000 man-hours per year.

Construction Man-hours Capacity

PUMA can administer construction works with extreme logistic challenges, from the emptiness of Tierra del Fuego in the South to the Andean highlands in the North at 4,600 meters above sea level. We have contracted up to 4 million man-hours in construction activities.
Safety management and work environment

PUMA Instinct

As a response to our people´s concern we created the campaign Instinto PUMA (PUMA Instinct) to encourage, in a ludic way, health and safety, motivation and work environment in all our working sites. This campaign has generated important impacts in our people, their families and our clients, that can be noted in magazines and posters that picture these activities.
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José Monsalve / Jaime Riffo

“We are a great human team, we work in a good environment; we know how to handle the pressure and the job is done well”

Luís Vásquez Novoa

“PUMA is an excellent company, we work happy in a pleasant and very dynamic environment; where the work is done well, safely and at the first try.“

Mario Quero Escalona

“PUMA cares about us, safety and care is a priority, both for our own sake and for our families“