May 10, 2017by RodrigoP

Construction and assembly of a structural dome for the existing stockpile, built with a special condition: the overland conveyor belt never stopped, generating complex work conditions of dust due to the permanent wind. The dimensions of the dome were 117 m in diameter and 47 m height.


June 6, 2014by RodrigoP

Civil Works and electromechanical assembly of a terminal for trucks and trains, stockpile and conveyor belts to feed vessels on port.


May 26, 2013by RodrigoP

Basic and detail engineering, supply and construction of an unloading system for solid bulks. Included maritime works of pile setting to reinforce the dock; setting-up of a new unloading crane, conveyor belts, stock silos and truck loading stations, in a strict dust control environment.


June 9, 2005by RodrigoP

Removal of the existing metal dome that collapsed due to overloading. Civil works and assembly of a new structural dome built while facility was in operation, with relevant impacts of wind and dust.