Corporate Policies

Integrated Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management Policy.

General Manager

“PUGA, MUJICA ASOCIADOS S.A., PUMA S.A., Engineering and Construction leading Company, especially in the field of Civil Works and Industrial Assembly. Its management mainstays are a permanent commitment with excellency and best quality of its products and services, facing the needs and satisfaction of clients; protecting workers life and security and promoting environment protection in all the company´s operations.

Achievement of these goals will depend on the continuous effort made by our staff and their commitment with Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and environment protection, as well as safeguarding our workers life.

This is why PUMA commits to the following as its integrated policy:


Keeping risks under constant control, valuing the responsibility and participation of each member of our organization, preventing the possible impacts on the integrity and health of people, the quality of our processes and the protection of the environment.

Continuous Improvement

Each worker must be an active member, ensuring his own integrity and that of his colleagues, contributing to the continuous improvement of our processes, timely reporting deviations of quality, potential risks and protecting our Environment.

Legal Compliance

Respect and comply with the current legislation, norms and commitments acquired with our customers. Establish Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Standards applicable in each of our projects.
The achievement of these goals and their persistence over time, will be a result of the effort of each of our members and their commitment to Quality, Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Life of our workers.

Human Value

Encourage and grant the ways of developing knowledge in our workers, enhancing their skills and abilities, thus allowing them to assume and comply with our Policy.


Provide all our workers a Safe and Healthy work environment, where they can develop their work with the desired standards of Quality while being respectful of the Environment.


Fulfill the procedures and rules established in our management system, promoting and controlling that our suppliers and subcontracts comply with this policy.